"As independent midwives we respect and honour a womans' ability to give birth in a supportive and trusting environment"
  • We are three experienced midwives who are self employed and who have chosen to work together.
  • We aim to work in partnership with you to achieve a safe and fulfilling birth experience.
  • We offer a complete midwifery service that is research-based and fully focused on your needs.
  • We offer continuity of care so that you will know your midwives well before you go into labour.
  • We are on call to you 24 hours a day.
Client Quotes
Roya... "I couldn't have put myself in the hands of better professionals".

Sam... "Professional care, advice and support delivered in the secure environment of my own home".

Bronwyn... "They encouraged me to trust my instincts and listen to my body with the assurance that they would be by my side no matter what my choice".
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