Our Philosophy
I qualified as a midwife in 1998, having trained with my two wonderful colleagues, Tina and Teresa. My journey into midwifery began with my own experiences of childbirth - two of my four pregnancies were vaginal breech births and I have had three homebirths in total.

In the process of exploring the options available and making my choices, I became - and remain - deeply involved in the politics of childbirth and in lobbying for genuinely women centred care. Together with other IMA members, I am currently searching for an acceptable solution to the looming insurance crisis facing independent midwives.
I believe passionately that women should be able to get to know and trust their midwives during their pregnancy and it is my aim to develop a strong and supportive relationship with each and every woman to the best of my ability.
Becoming a midwife was something of a surprise to people who knew me and probably the biggest challenge of my life, but the rewards are wonderful. The births of my own children, (first a caesarean for triplets then a normal birth a few years later) sparked an unexpected interest that soon developed into an overwhelming fascination with childbirth and the experiences of women.

I trained as an NCT antenatal teacher and then as a midwife where I met Teresa and Annie who became my best friends and later midwifery partners. We share a passion and a love of working with women and their families during the adventure of childbirth and parenting. Accompanying women on this unique journey is a real privilege. I have met so many amazing women over the last 10 years and have learned something from each of them.
Being a midwife is never boring and I am so lucky to have the support of my lovely children and my husband Mark who patiently shares the 3 o'clock calls with me.
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