Your Care
Choosing your midwifery care

Choosing who will care for you during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period is an important decision therefore an initial consultation at a time and place of your choice (usually your home) gives us the opportunity to explain how we work in detail and gives you the opportunity to get a sense of whether we are right for you.

During your pregnancy

You will be cared for by two midwives ensuring continuity of care which can promote a close and supportive relationship. During the first appointment, a full medical and obstetric history is taken with ample time for a discussion on which screening and diagnostic tests are available to you in addition to any queries or concerns you may have.

During the antenatal period we visit you monthly until 28 weeks, two weekly between 28 and 36 weeks and weekly until your baby is born. We would normally expect to spend up to an hour at each visit checking all is well with you and your baby and enabling you to plan for the birth and the first few weeks of parenthood.

We can advise you regarding diet, exercise, childbirth education classes, yoga and alternative practitioners. Should you require input from an obstetrician at any time, we can help refer you to one sympathetic to your needs and we can accompany you to most consultations.

During your labour

When you go into labour we are only a phone call away and will come and assess progress and then are with you from when you need us. We work with you throughout the labour, enabling and supporting you to give birth to your baby in whatever space or position feels right.

After the birth we stay with you, assisting with the baby's first feed and ensuring you are both comfortably settled in bed together before we leave.

Should you need or want to transfer to hospital we organise this and provide support for you until your baby is born. If all is well we take you home soon after the birth.

The first four weeks

The postnatal period is a very special time. As you and your partner get to know your baby, it is a time for nurture, rest and recovery. Becoming a parent can be demanding but with good support it can also be a wonderful experience. Our aim is to enable you, as you recover, to develop skills of breastfeeding and to settle into a new life with your baby.

We visit daily for the first 7-10 days and then gradually space out visits as you gain in confidence. We bring special herb packs and compresses to aid your recovery and are always available by phone or pager if you have any concerns or anxieties.
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